Genghis Cohn – Heap • Cassette (2023)

Genghis Cohn arrives on Are You Before, coaxing us through the looking glass and into a mystifying world of twisted folk and pastoral collage. Serenading us through forested hills, like a pied piper prancing into the twilight through aisles of drumming lunatics, his guitar lures us baffled, curious, and ultimately seduced. Songs for the campfire, sung by the village fiend.

Heap keeps one foot loosely settled inside the brain-curdling pits of his earlier releases on the likes of ANA, Kashual Plastik and Low Company, and places another foot forward, one step further into the sounds of weirdo folk and song. Ascending out of the swamps, and onto rich pastures.

Recorded in Tusheti, Georgia, 2022.

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